Homer? Who they?

I encourage all the ITLP teachers, full-time and sessional, to make their learning resources available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike flavour of Creative Commons licensing. Sessional teachers, being mostly post-graduates, tend to move on after a couple of years, and so their … Continue reading

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Our favourite sources

Keeping up to date across a broad spectrum of teaching commitments is not always easy! Time is hard to come by for us all so curated lists from reputable sources often fill gaps in news provision whether we filter Twitter … Continue reading

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The Open Source challenge

When I started teaching a few years ago it was inconceivable that digital media output could be done solely using open source software. What was available had limited feature sets, poor workflows, a reputation for crashing, and a distinct lack … Continue reading

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IT teaching without a computer

It’s all rather unfair really. When you’re building a database, the very first thing you have to do … is by far the most difficult. Other software (word-processor, images, spreadsheets, whatever) let you throw something together to get started, and … Continue reading

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