Teacher – Author, Curator, Guide?

When I first started teaching for ITLP the landscape for resources was quite different for students. Yes, most things could be found on the web and how-to sites existed but a lot more research – and luck – was involved … Continue reading

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Mentoring, Instructing, Perspective and Knowledge

Reading the below article recently, I was struck by how much of my teaching approach depends firstly on the type of session I am facilitating (workshop, exercise-led course, show and tell + discussion etc.). Then beyond this broad frame-work the … Continue reading

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But… Is it art?

I have always had an interest in comics, but possibly not given the art form its due regard as a serious storytelling medium. A friend suggested I read one of the most highly regarded analyses of the genre: Understanding Comics: … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

Browsing a book on pop-philosophy (at least that’s what my fully trained Philosophy friend called it!), I came across the Golden Rule. No matter what your cultural background, you might be familiar with: “Do unto others what you would have … Continue reading

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Teaching Personas

Some have likened teaching to a performance, where we assume a character in front of an audience with the hope of engaging them at least, and changing their ideas and behaviour at best. Reflecting on my own teaching I can … Continue reading

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