Visit to Sophos – the Pentagon

As a result of the Sophos User Forum held on 6th March at Banbury Road IT Services, we had an offer of a Visit to Sophos UK Headquarters at The Pentagon, Abingdon Science Park.

14 people signed up for the User Forum and there is a sustained effort from Marina Partlett and ITS3 to give better access to Sophos resources and the Platinum agreement gives us faster response, regular reviews, better access to resolve issues, a closer relationship with a dedicated liaison.

Marina Partlett, Technical Account Manager, offered us 6 places and these were offered to the original 14 who signed up for the User Forum. On the day our numbers were down to 3 and by using an ipad and google maps as SatNav, we arrived at The Pentagon, Abingdon.

Marina introduced us to Darren Teagles, the Senior Product Manager. Darren showed us a Gannt chart of the product streams (different versions of Sophos) and release and support cycles and some proposed changes that he was musing. Ian gave very good feedback from the University perspective and the importance of these meetings was clear, that ideas need testing to get concensus if to be successful and what people want.

Coffee was supplied and we then met Sunil Choudrie – Product Manager specializing in Mac and UNIX

Lunch at Sophos is in a modern spacious glass building with outside walkways next to tranquil lake, a tranquil scene compared to the nefarious combat occurring upstairs with global computer criminals . We were excited for the next session in the Threat detection laboratory…we were greeted by Fraser Howard- Principal Researcher who then gave us a Global threat detection presentation explaining the global trade and big business among hackers and criminals selling exploited systems and ruses for financial gain.

We have confirmed Fraser and Sophos as a workshop  at the ICTF Conference on July 11th. Further Sophos user Forums are planned before the next academic year starts.

Please contact ITS3 with any queries, booking is now open for the conferenec if you would like to see Frasers Presentation


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