Conference chats and meeting IT Staff in their places of work

part of the role of ITS3 is to build a community of IT staff.

the ICTF conference last week was hugely successful in the new venue at the Mathematical institute and this event helps in this regard. Well done to everyone involved and for all attendees making the day so enjoyable.

Getting out and meeting IT staff in their own buildings is also enjoyable and fruitful.

i have just had a coffee with Richard Payne at the Centre for the Study of African Economies.

For me it is great to get out and meet people in their locations, I was also able to make some helpful suggestions about conference sponsorship, as Richard helps organize a large 3 day conference.

While brainstorming we thought about a conference organising SIG..(if anybody knows of anything like this, please let me know),

i was also able to tell Richard what ITS3 can be used for as a liaison between ITServices and Distributed IT Staff.

More generally our chat helped my understanding the organisation of units and departments in Oxford.

putting faces to names is really helpful and i’m hoping to do more of it






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