First Folio Phase 2


Currently scholars refer to a print facsimile – the Norton First Folio – as the standard text for a pre-edited Shakespeare: we want the Bodleian Folio to have the authority and usability to take over this role. This means the Bodleian needs an accurate transcription and an intuitive search facility that makes it possible to search for words, types of text, speakers; a unique identifier for each line of text; and the capacity to extend the resources as future funding allows. ”
– Emma Smith, Hertford College, University of Oxford

Following a successful public fund-raising campaign for the conservation and digitization of the Bodleian’s copy of Shakespeare’s First Folio, the pages images of it are now freely available at:

The intended outputs from a second phase of this project, funded by a private donor, include:

  1. Fully proofread text
  2. Development of database and interface, to include where possible: Downloadable images; Downloadable text in a variety of formats; Online full-text searching; Online faceted searching exploiting the markup; Switching between text and image views
  3. Implemented interface including: User-testing of the beta interface; Scoping possibility of registration and annotation
  4. Secure data curation and storage

Together, these features will provide both the authority and the usability that scholars need for research, while opening one of the treasures of the Bodleian collections to the world. Every element of the project will be freely available for scholars and the wider public to re-use for their own purposes. The basis for this project is Dr Emma Smith’s research in this area and the project is managed by Pip Willcox at the Bodleian. Dr James Cummings from IT Services has provided the project consultation in project schema design, text-encoding, and will be providing a variety of ongoing consultation

In collaboration with: Pip Willcox (Bodleian), Dr Emma Smith (English), Various other in the Bodleian and the InfoDev team (IT Services)

My work: I have given the project consultation in project schema design, text-encoding, transformation of files, and will be providing other consultation as and when.

Resources: There are only a small number of development days and since the project timetable was not flexible development is solely being done by BDLSS. A couple days of consultation is b//udgeted for my work.

Dates: 2013-2014

Current Status: Project underway, BDLSS undertaking development.



My consultation has no fixed tasks in specific so I don’t have a Trello board for this project.

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