Domesday Text Pilot

Description: The Domesday Text Project Pilot is a small scale pilot project attempting a new edition of Great Domesday Book designed to meet the demands of modern scholarship. Recent advances in Domesday studies have in large part been based on the study of the scribal history and forms of the texts, but progress has been hampered by the lack of a machine-readable Latin text and standardized translation. Using XML based encoding now now affords the possibility of producing an edition that represents the multifaceted characteristics of the texts and their contents with the potential of putting Domesday studies on a new footing. Funds have been obtained for work on a start-up pilot study for a major research project that will bring together all the specialist scholars in the field to make available an iconic source of fundamental importance to historians and of singular interest to the general public. The pilot study work is being done by two of the specialist scholars, David Roffe and Katharine Keats-Rohan. Dr James Cummings (IT Services) converted the bespoke XML format used in initial stages of the pilot into TEI P5 XML and from generating a proof-of-concept website.

In collaboration with: David Roffe and Katharine Keats-Rohan

My work: I converted bespoke XML format into to TEI P5 XML, and then created an XSLT-generated proof-of-concept website.

Resources: This project had only a few days of development budget, funded by Theology.

Dates: Summer 2013

Current Status: The proof-of-concept digital edition is online and being used as a pilot for a larger AHRC application.


  • The proof-of-concept edition is not publicly accessible
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