Livingstone’s 1870 Field Diary

Title: Livingstone’s 1870 Field Diary and Select 1871 Letters: A Multispectral Critical Edition

Description:  A project with Livingstone Online and UNL to develop an online critical edition of David Livingstone’s 1870 Field Diary and select 1871 letters. This new critical edition will feature a comprehensive scholarly apparatus that includes annotated transcriptions of Livingstone’s 1870 diary and 1871 letters, a range of critical essays, and processed spectral images that clarify Livingstone’s manuscripts and shed light on the history of their production and preservation. The application of spectral imaging technology — which our project is among the first, if not the first to apply to nineteenth-century British works — is ideal for studying Livingstone’s manuscripts because it can both increase legibility and highlight the physical details of the manuscript: different layers of handwritten and printed text, the warping topography of the page, environmental traces on the page surface, and the characteristics of the various papers and inks used by Livingstone.

My work: I’m providing TEI technical consultation and similar support.

Commitment: 4 Days

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