Forms Online: Renaissance to Modern

Description: Forms Online: Renaissance to Modern is a browsable and searchable database of verse, focusing on poetic form: rhyme, metre, and genre. This is currently from the Renaissance, but the database aims ultimately to span the centuries from the early Renaissance to the early 20th Century. Every line of text is tagged with detailed information about its rhyme and metrical structure, allowing researchers to perform a powerful faceted search.

In collaboration with: Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (Previously Oxford, Now King’s), Ben Burton (Previously Oxford)

My work: I designed a TEI Schema for encoding the materials, transformed the EEBO-TCP texts to TEI P5, trained the PIs in TEI encoding, provided technical support, and converted their resulting materials to an expanded and redundant encoding suitable for easy import into Drupal.

Resources: We had a very small number of days to work on this project.

Dates: 2011/2012

Current Status: Launched, but being migrated to King’s.


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