Progress: Jan-Feb 2015

Notes from the Project Manager:

  • Changed name from Computer Club to joinin after consultation with Academic IT Services
  • Recruited facilitator (Emma Proctor-Legg) and set-up the project team
  • Contacted 6 prospective University units who supported the Computer Club bid to the University of Oxford IT Innovation Seed Fund [Trial]
  • This blog and email (with delegated access for the project team) set up
  • Social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and achievement badges
  • Evaluation principles discussed
  • 7 joinin session topics discussed

Immediately to-do:

  • Project finances with IT Innovation Seed Fund Trial
  • Project finances with sections in Academic IT Services
  • Write (Agile project management) ‘feasibility’ and ‘foundation’ documents
  • Pursue trial venue for Hilary Term
  • Agree Trinity Term joinin at one University unit for the whole series
  • And at others who wish to trial as well
  • Share updated info with ‘Beta’ and ‘Lab’ partners who were unsuccessful in their bid to the IT Innovation Seed Fund Trial
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