First joinin session – joinin: Twitter

We ran our very first joinin session at the Department of Oncology this week. I was supported on the day by Alun Edwards (Project Manager and official photographer), Mauricio Aquilar (ITLP demonstrator) and Amir Nettler ( IT Support Officer, Department of Oncology).

8 participants signed up and attend our very active session on Twitter. At the start we welcomed participants and handed out lollipops whilst they registered and completed an initial activity. We asked all the participants to place a dot on the scale of where they were with Twitter from ‘I hadn’t heard of it before’ all the way through to ‘I tweet therefore I am’ we as a team also took part in this activity.

Twitter scale

Where would you place yourself on our scale?

This helped us to get a feel of where participants were with their understanding and knowledge of Twitter. Everyone sat around one large table with the all important lollypops, post-it notes, handouts and pens. I ran the session from my phone (a BlackBerry Q20) using a Dell mini projector to display onto a screen nearby. This worked well with a small group and should mean we can run future sessions in rooms without formal projectors and screen equipment.

Lollypops, pens and post-it notes

Lollipops, pens and post-it notes

Once everyone had signed up for Twitter, we went through the process of posting a couple of tweets using the hashtag joininTwitter. We used our joinin Twitter account (@joininoxford) to demonstrate how to tweet.

Demonstrating Twitter

Demonstrating Twitter

Another blog post will follow, reflecting on the lessons learned from our first session. What we did learn early on was that the lollipops were a big hit with the participants!

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