Progress: Apr-May 2015

Notes from the Project Manager:

  • Delivered a further Twitter session, this time with the Wellcome Trust
    • Reviewed the running of these sessions to identify elements to change or improve
    • Reviewed the evaluation of this session
  • Pursued contact with prospective University units who supported the joinin bid to the University of Oxford IT Innovation Seed Fund [Trial]
    • Project Manager challenged the Museums and Libraries, separately by email to particular individuals, to engage with the joinin trial, leaving the session leader to work with those organisation about practicalities and audiences etc.
    • prepared Instagram joinin session for delivery
    • delivered awareness raising presentation of joinin at a museum staff meeting
    • prepared to run a demonstration session as a workshop during IT Services Staff Day (June) about Instagram
  • Planned for initial dissemination of project findings e.g. Jisc Learning and teaching practice experts group
  • Provided a joinin article for IT Services news for users
  • Pursued confirmation from central Finances of joinin Project finances
    • Raised this delay with the management of the Innovation Seed Fund
    • Confirmation received 9 April

Immediately to-do:

  • Project finances with Academic IT sections
  • Work closely with the Dept of Oncology for further joinin sessions
  • Meet with the whole team involved in the joinin session to discuss progress
  • Share updated info with ‘Beta’ and ‘Lab’ partners
  • Agree Trinity Term joinin at one University unit for the whole series
  • And at others who wish to trial as well

Risks, issues and changes:

  • Contact with the main prospect for Trinity Term is not working by email. We must pursue this by phone or similar, or revert to joinin‘s trial supporter the Dept of Oncology
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