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Over the last few weeks we have run a number of joinin sessions on Instagram. We thought it would be helpful to follow up on these sessions with a blog post sharing some tips and information about the app.

Firstly, Instagram is a social networking site for sharing photos, images and videos. To share photos on the site you will need to have a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the Instagram app downloaded.  It is possible to view your Instagram account via a computer but you can’t upload any photos on the website, that needs to be done through the app on your mobile device.

Below are a few examples of photos from our Instagram account:


Photo with a watermark




Instagram isn’t just photos, you can upload videos too!

(Introducing Video on Instagram from Vimeo.)

If you want to understand more about the app and all the functions it offers (including what the privacy settings do) then the best place to look is the Instagram Help Center.

We have included a link to the University social media guidelines, for your reference, it includes information about both personal and professional use of social media.

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