Progress: June-July 2015

Notes from the Project Manager:

  • A very useful team meeting allowed us to think about the evaluation of joinin and an exit plan as well as further comms opportunities;
  • Worked with the Botanic Gardens and History Faculty and IT Services staff day for further sessions;
  • Wrote a newsletter article for the IT Services news for staff;
  • Event photography delivered by the podcasts team for joinin at a Botanical Gardens session;
  • Prepared a drop-in session for joinin participants to access wifi;
  • Delivered Instagram sessions: Botanical Gardens; IT Services staff day;
  • Delivered Twitter sessions: Botanical Gardens;
  • Delivered dropin (wifi connection) sessions: Botanical Gardens; the History Faculty;
  • The well-received Instagram session at the IT Services staff day generated 10+ new followers, and over 100 images tagged #joininOxford;
  • Blogged about joinin sessions and developments;

Immediately to-do:

  • Transition project management to the head of EET;
  • Project finances with Academic IT sections;
  • Work closely with the the Botanical Gardens and History Faculty, and the UAS conference, for further joinin sessions;
  • Write a newsletter article for the IT Services news for staff and for the IT-Services-Work email list;
  • Share updated info with ‘Beta’ and ‘Lab’ partners;
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