About the JRE8 Rollout Project

This Project was completed successfully. If you have any questions about JRE 1.8, kindly contact the relevant departments

The JRE8 Rollout Project aims to have JRE 1.8 deployed across the University by February 2016 as Oracle are no longer providing public security updates for JRE 1.6.

In order to achieve this, the project rolled out a combined JRE 1.6 & 1.8 Package between 22nd & 26th October 2015.

Financials R12 & R11i as well as OSS are dependent on JRE. These applications will continue to access JRE6 via the combined package until a new change is rolled out . OSS is now on JRE8. R12 is scheduled to be on JRE8 by Mid February and R11i should be on JRE8 by end of February 2016

In March, a new package will be released which will strip out the older version and thus require only JRE1.8 on the desktops. In order to achieve these changes, there is ongoing testing and configuration to ensure as smooth a transfer as possible.

An ITSS briefing was held about JRE updates on 14th of September. The details of this are held here on the wiki . An additional session was held at the Pre Year Roundup on the 29th of September. ITSS will be kept updated by detailed communications throughout the project lifecycle.

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