General FAQ

What is happening?

Java Runtime Environment (JRE or Java as it is commonly known) is used by a number of the central business systems including Financials, OSS and HRIS. Currently these have been updated to the latest version. For further queries, contact your IT department

What impact will it have for you?

There will be no visible difference within the systems when the upgrade happens if you do not use Financials or OSS. If you do, you will be contacted by the appropriate team

What you need to do?

  • If you use CONNECT: nothing! The upgrade will happen automatically as part of the standard patching process IT Services apply to all managed machines.
  • If you manage your own machine, you are advised to install the latest package . Please contact your IT Contact for further details
  • If your local Department IT manages your machine: Your IT support will need to ensure that your computer has the correct package  installed. More detailed communications are being sent to all University IT Staff with details of what is required. If in doubt, please contact any of the Support Centres or the Project Team.
  • If you are not using HRIS and are using either Financials or OSS, Please check with your local IT

When do these changes need to be done by?

These changes are now complete. For further queries, contact your IT department

If you are unsure how this will impact you please initially contact your IT Support in the normal way.

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