Multiple Personalities, Multiple Online Identities

Even without the Internet we still have different personas or profiles that we project to the world, for instance our ‘work’ persona and our ‘home’ persona.  However when we start to put these profiles online they can become quite difficult to juggle. Of course, developing multiple online identities has its usefulness:  providing context for a specific area you are networking in. However they can produce some mental anguish, remembering all those passwords for one thing, for another I may not want my professional cohort who look to my blog for musings on e-learning or user engagement to find out about my passion for  burlesque dancing via some careless identity clues (oops). But it happens, so how can we help academics through this minefield?

We are currently researching a new course to be run on the subject of online identity in collaboration with the Oxford Learning Institute. Presenting a positive online identity is the name of the game, along with  discussion revolving around those sticky facebook issues and stalking.

As a side, I wonder if this may be the flaw with Google Wave. An exciting new communications paradigm, but it does assume that you are a single you, what about all those multiple idenities?

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  1. Al Power says:

    Nice blog – bagging the first comment spot! :oD

    I have yet to see Google Wave properly (hint Google – send me an invite!), but would think that people would use separate identities for work and play.

    Based on the tech preview that Google gave, I believe they stated that they were making it available to companies to run on their own servers, so one way of managing this multiple identity thing would be that companies would run their own instance of it in-house separately from the main Google instance (although no doubt they could talk to one another if need be).

    I’m a software developer by trade, and photographer by hobby both of which I like to write about on the odd occasion, and while I feel it important to maintain my ‘brand’ of me on the web, it’s mainly as a photog, and I use the ‘work’ blog to write about technical stuff.

    If this were two separate waves, the division would stay the same IMHO.

  2. ktdigital says:

    I wish Google would send me an invite too, but I’m obviously not important enough yet.

    I think using Google wave in house could potentially be a big upheaval for many of the systems currently used, be interesting to see what happens.

    Thanks for the first comment!

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