Are you a resident or a visitor?

Harking back to my blog post earlier this week on online identity, I’ve been alerted to a great vodcast of David White talking about yet another principle of web use (remember ‘immigrants’ and ‘natives’), but I really do like this one:

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Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“The visitor goes online they do what they need to do they come away again, they leave no trace, they have no social persona online….The resident lives out a portion of their life online….they have a form of their identity which stays online, even when they log off.”

“Think about social networking….the current extreme Twitter….if you want to stay on top of that stack, you have to keep feeding that machine….residents within social media places are treating their own personal identity like a brand, they are selling their brand into these spaces and keep their visability high”

“A resident sees the web as a social space”

“Visitors are primarily concerned with privacy”

To the visitor sees residents use of the web as “egomania”

“The visitor is not the poor cousin [technologically] to the resident” (they critically assess web tools before they use them)

“If you are a resident or a visitor depends on context” E.g. may be active in the social web world but do not put their personal lives online.

“People get Twitter by using it” (Andy Powell “Some platforms are designed to be residents within, if you come with a visitor mindset you get stuck”.

“The visitor resident principle is not about academic or technical skills it is about culture and motivation….we’re not focusing primarily on technology but on how people approach the technology.”

Mr White goes onto discuss the Open Habitat project. The findings are pretty interesting.Some great discussion points. But what does this mean for education and digital literacy skills? Should we be approaching these differently considering how people engage with online spaces?

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  1. David White says:

    I think you are correct to question what the nature of digital literacy skills might be. It is crucial that we don’t become too focused on the technology, imagining that it aids critical thinking in of itself.

  2. Kate Lindsay says:

    I keep thinking about what you said at the end of the presentation – that we have moved into a post-technology / post-digital world. Certainly at the moment I am more interested in what are trying to achieve or facilitate (e.g. the WW1 SL Sim) rather than the actual technology used.

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