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Front Cover, War Poetry Review 2010

Front Cover, War Poetry Review 2010

Some recent publications, fit for posting on this Remembrance Sunday. Firstly, one of my own, written in collaboration with Dr Stuart ¬†Lee entitled ‘Oxford University’s First World War Poetry Digital Archive’ in the 2010 edition¬†War Poetry Review published by the War Poets Association. This article takes the reader on a tour of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive, highlighting some of its wonderful items, and looks at the importance of manuscript studies in the study of First World War poetry.

Second of all, one not from my own hand, a great article entitled “Digital curiosities: resource creation via amateur digitization” by Melissa Terras of UCL. The article features the Great War Archive in it’s discussion of the potential contribution that the general public can make to digitizing our cultural heritage. The article will be published in the next issue of Literary and Linguistic Computing, but is available via Advanced Access under Athens.

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