World War One Collections Guide

In late 2011, the Imperial War Museums, was commissioned, funded and supported by JISC and the Wellcome Trust, to produce a guide to First World War collections held across the UK. The guide is now available and provides information on which archive, museum or library across the UK has material relevant to the First World War.

Questions which can be answered by the guide include:

  • Who has Prime Minister Lloyd George’s papers?
  • Which museums have First World War aeroplanes?
  • Which library has the papers of women’s suffrage societies?
  • What books were children reading and what toys were they playing with?
  • Where are the silent films that were shown to cinema audiences at the time?
  • Which art galleries have major works by First World War artists?
  • Where do I find out about the medical effects of working with explosive material in
    munitions factories?

This is the first iteration of a growing body of research on this topic and cannot, as yet, be considered a comprehensive list. Further research on First World War content and collections available to education in analogue and digital form will be undertaken as part of the JISC WW1 Discovery programme by King’s College London and will be openly released in March 2012.

For more information on JISC activity around the First World War, please see the JISC WW1 Commemoration Blog.

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