Secure your Self: Safety online

PhishingThis lunchtime slot will be a rather whistle-stop tour of things that you should be thinking about as all our lives becomes more and more online.

Do you know who can get to your identity? Are you familiar with how security works on facebook, linkedin, twitter and other social media?  Do you know how to choose a good password (and remember it)?  Is it safe to use dropbox?  Do you know how to spot a phishing scam trying to get your bank details or Nexus login?

These things might all sounds daunting but they are all perfectly manageable if you take a few moments to step back and think about what you are doing online and to understand the risks so you can mitigate them.  Online life is an increasingly important part of today’s work and this session should leave you more confident and less worried about engaging confidently with the myriad online services now available to us all.

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