A successful initative

teaching4Our initiative to involve Oxford University in the national celebrations of ‘Learning at Work ‘ day  2013 was a great success.

All the training providers across the University pulled together to contribute to a day of workshops at IT Services on Banbury Road.

Obviously, every day is ‘learning at work’ day at Oxford University, but  we know you are all very busy and it was fun to make this day a little bit special.

“Excellent initiative to have lots of short training sessions all on one day, so that you get a taster of things and won’t need to be away from the office for more than one day.”

“1 hour sessions are great! It’s good to be inspired to do more training.”

Thank you for being involved and for giving your comments and feedback.

We had more than 250 people through our doors on the day ( 23rd May) and many more visiting our online training materials.

97.3% of  you said the timing was  convenient and 100% said that if the event is run again you would participate  or recommend it  to a colleague.

We received lots of suggestions on what we might include next time, which we will circulate to the training providers.

“I like the learning at work events.  It was quite enjoyable. If something like this was offered again I would happily participate in more of the sessions.”

“I really enjoyed the course . I particularly liked the balance between lecture and hands-on experience. I also like that we had assistance to hand at all times should we have had questions or required help.”

“I enjoyed the session and would have attended more events if I’d had the time. Thank you for arranging the day.”

“It was a great session, really useful and made me focus on an area that I know I need to at our College. Both presenters were engaging and knowledgeable.”

“Both sessions I attended were well structured, interesting and a pleasure to participate in.”

If you would like to be inolved in organising a similar event next year, please let us know.

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