Introducing: Carl Marshall

Hello World 😉

Technical credentials established with that opening cliche, I’m adding a short post here to introduce myself and my role in the LfI project. You can see the “official” bio in the JISC7-10_listening-for-impact Project Proposal, but the salient points here are my background in web development (14 yrs) and all it’s related aspects: analysis, design, implementation, testing, maintenance, evaluation, marketing, etc. For the past 5 years I’ve been working for OUCS on a variety of academic related projects, mostly involving web technologies of one sort or another, and most recently with the setup and development of the University’s podcasting efforts (Oxford on iTunes U, Podcasting Service, The JISC Steeple Project, etc).

I’m the Technical Officer for LfI, which basically means I’m doing the number crunching needed for the Quantative Analysis portions of the project. I’ll be poring over weblogs (the server variety, not (we)blogs like this), excel reports, google analytics and more to try and describe what we can see, and show what we have impacted on. Most of my postings are likely to be tagged “Quantative” or “Tech-xxx”, and I’m quite likely to share my thoughts here as well as my observations – but remember, I’m liable to change my mind/opinions as evidence emerges to persuade me 😉

Outside of LfI, I’m still active in the Steeple Community, have a growing interest in Python and Django, and am passionate about American Football (very much so the University team I coach – the Oxford Lancers).


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