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Having waited for two years, I am so pleased to be on the Listening for Impact project. Even though it is a bit too short,  I always believe that critical evaluation should be conducted regularly and thoroughly, especially under the current economic circumstances. We need to learn whether we are on the right track. Brookfield (1995) provides us a number of reasons why critical reflection is necessary. These are four of them adapted from Brookfield:

  • it helps us take informed actions
  • it helps us develop a rationale for practice
  • it grounds us emotionally
  • it engages the audience
  • it increases democratic trust between the service provide and our users

As the Evaluation Officer on the project, my job is to gather as much ‘qualitative’ data as possible to analyse the impact made by the Oxford podcasting activities.  The Toolkit for the Impact of Digitised Scholarly Resources (TIDSR) provided me with a set of useful tools to approach to the data.  The data will be mainly from the following sources:

  • Podcast feedback:
    • Feedback about the podcasting service provided by OUCS
    • Feedback about the podcasts produced by academics
  • Freshers fair data: analysing the data gathered from the freshers fair which was held 6-8 November 2010.
  • Focus group: reports and feedback obtained from the previous focus group meetings.

    Looking at data mentioned above, there seems no data from the current students. A survey may be necessary to find out how podcasts can affect the current students in terms of learning and research.

    One of the technical development tasks in the project is to improve the RSS tool in Weblearn (Oxford’s VLE) so that users can search and pick the url of a media series into WebLearn.  Once the development work is done, assuming the time is allowed, I may also conduct a quick analysis to find out the impact of the new development.

    It’s time to introduce myself briefly. I’ve been working in IT since 1996. After 3 years working in industry in China, I moved to the UK to study an MSc in Information Systems in 2000 at the University of Sheffield.  Since 2002, I’ve been working in e-leaning area in a number of universities.  My aim is to support people in using ICT in their work place effectively using a user-centred approach.  If I have to choose one between ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’, without doubt, I will go for ‘quality’ 🙂

    Brookfield, S.(1995) Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher. [Online] San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Available at: http://nlu.nl.edu/academics/cas/ace/facultypapers/StephenBrookfield_Wisdom.cfm [Accessed: 6th July 2010]

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