What Staff think of Oxford’s Podcasting Activities

The Listening for Impact project team conducted student surveys to find out their views on Oxford’s podcasts. Those survey results were analysed in other blog posts.  The project team released that it is equally important to consult the staff who are involved in producing the podcasts, so this blog post attempts to address this issue.

A survey was designed and sent to 76 people (50 academics and 26 support staff), majority of whom were involved in producing Open Education Resources (OER) podcasts at Oxford .   They were given one week to complete the survey and 38% of them responded.

The key findings

The first survey question asks what role(s) does the respondent play in podcasting: A. I am a presenter (e.g. my talk/lecture was recorded as a podcast);  B. I am a publisher (e.g. recording the podcast, editing the files, putting it online, etc); C. I am involved in both A and B. The following summarises some of the answers received.

Group A: Academics

  • Feedback academics received has been positive and enjoyable
    • 86% agree that feedback they received has been mostly positive
    • 85.7%  enjoy receiving feedback on their podcasts
    • 78.6% would encourage their colleagues to create podcasts of their work
    • 71% agree that their work has received more attention from the public
    • 64% agree that feedback has encouraged them to create more podcasts
    • Nobody thought that their work has received more attention from funders due to their podcasts
  • Technical work: most academics (85.7%) think the technical work should be done by trained staff
  • Technical help: more academics tend to ask for technical help from OUCS (60%) than from departmental IT staff (50%)
  • Making their podcasts to be publicly available: academics are keen to spread their knowledge and skills to people beyond the University
    • 91% want their knowledge to go to the widest public audience possible
    • 55% want to “help students worldwide understand [their] topic”
    • 45% want to “help the public understand [their] research”

Group B: Support staff

For support staff who often help academics to produce podcasts, we asked what areas most of them needed training and support for from the central podcasting support team.  They are (the most needed first):

  • Communicating between local college/department and the OUCS Podcasting Service for publishing into iTunes U
  • Editing the recordings to improve their quality
  • Creating the compressed files to be uploaded
  • Recording the original material
  • Collecting the paperwork for podcasting permissions

In terms of improving the podcasting services, one request stands out: simplify the paper work for publishing to iTunes U, e.g. “ Online, simpler, release forms would be fantastic”.

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