The joy of stats

The title is somewhat borrowed from a recent TV series by Prof Hans Rosling, the swedish master statician, and someone I imitated poorly in a couple of recent presentations we have done on the LfI project. One of which you … Continue reading

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The impact of Cookie law

You may or may not be aware of recent changes to EU and UK regulations regarding the use of Cookies on websites. Cookies are small text files sent out to user’s machines and posted back to the server with each … Continue reading

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What Staff think of Oxford’s Podcasting Activities

The Listening for Impact project team conducted student surveys to find out their views on Oxford’s podcasts. Those survey results were analysed in other blog posts.  The project team released that it is equally important to consult the staff who … Continue reading

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Refering to my log analysis

I talked a while back about an aspect of Logfile Analysis referred to in the TIDSR as Referer Analysis. In simple terms, this looks are the Referer portion of the logfiles and attempts to find patterns or identify interesting items. … Continue reading

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Can you hear me tweeting?

Measuring Impact with Twitter and For the past month (and ongoing) we have been running an experiment to test what impact the advertising of selected podcasts can have via Twitter. In this short report we look at the initial … Continue reading

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