News Coverage Analysis

Since the launch of Oxford on iTunes U in October 2008, the podcasting activities at Oxford have attracted great attention from various media sources including national and international newspapers (e.g. Guardian, Telegraph, Times, Independent, Australia’s Age) and broadcast companies (e.g. CNN … Continue reading

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Connecting the dots

To assess impact as measured quantitively through technical processes such as log file analysis, web analytics and referrer analysis, it helps to understand the podcast distribution process and what data can be collected during it. Podcasting in its strictest sense … Continue reading

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…and I’m Rowan

Hi, I’m Rowan Wilson, and I am project manager for Listening for Impact. I’ve worked at OUCS for nine years on a range of externally funded projects in the areas of digital archiving and preservation, free and open source software … Continue reading

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Hello from Fawei

Hello there, Having waited for two years, I am so pleased to be on the Listening for Impact project. Even though it is a bit too short,  I always believe that critical evaluation should be conducted regularly and thoroughly, especially … Continue reading

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Introducing: Carl Marshall

Hello World 😉 Technical credentials established with that opening cliche, I’m adding a short post here to introduce myself and my role in the LfI project. You can see the “official” bio in the JISC7-10_listening-for-impact Project Proposal, but the salient … Continue reading

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