The Project

Listening for Impact is a 6 month project (Oct 2010 to Apr 2011) funded by the JISC to perform a thorough, yet rapid analysis of the impact of the public Oxford Podcast collection containing nearly 1800 items. By mixing technical innovations and user engagement it will increase discoverability and reuse of material within teaching, learning and research.

The project will:

  1. Address the lack of systematic analysis of the impact of our podcasts offered on our open Oxford University websites and via Oxford on iTunes U. We will use the Oxford Internet Institute’s Impact Toolkit (TIDSR) as a framework to analyse usage of resources. We will compare use of the two different platforms and analyse download statistics, web-hits, trends, and feedback from users. We will consider marketing issues, the content of press coverage and a matrix of factors that facilitate the uptake and creation of new resources.
  2. Develop and instigate practical approaches to embedding academic podcast resources within teaching, learning virtual environment at Oxford and the wider subject community. A newly developed ‘podcasting tool’ for Sakai will be offered back to the community more generally.
  3. Collect and evaluate data to demonstrate the impact of the Oxford Podcast collection which will strengthen the case for continued sustainability for the podcasting service, the Oxford Podcast collection and consequently, the OpenSpires OER collection at Oxford (the OpenSpires OER collection is a subset of the Oxford Podcast collection).
  4. Research and contribute towards the knowledge of embedding online collections in academic disciplines by a case study of impact and user engagement.

If you would like to see the full project proposal, please download the following pdf: JISC7-10_listening-for-impact Project Proposal

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