Facilitating deep learning: Agent-based modelling

Modelling4All is an LTG led project that supports the use of tools for constructing, running, visualizing and analyzing agent-based models for educational purposes, and for research. The project has built a web-based tool called the BehaviourComposer to help non-programmers construct agent-based computer models. It is easy to integrate the BehaviourComposer into learning platforms such as Sakai and Moodle.

This case study explores how Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas, Saïd Business School, has successfully employed the Modelling4All BehaviourComposer tool in his teaching of the modules ‘Complex Systems’ and ‘Managing Complexity’. The pedagogical affordances of the software have enabled rich and deep learning experiences, resulting in students’ increased understanding of difficult subject specific knowledge and in their development of the methodological awareness required for carrying out contemporary research within mixed-methods paradigms.

Download the PDF Case study

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