Navigating Open Oxford: the new OpenSpires Mind Map

Try the brand new interactive OpenSpires Mind Map, freely available online. The new map is intended as a gateway into Open Educational practice at Oxford. It is designed to:

  • explain the story and showcase the achievements of OpenSpires,
  • show how the openness initiative can benefit academic practice,
  • and promote ways to get involved at the University of Oxford.

OpenSpires, like similar projects worldwide, aims to share educational resources for the benefit of humanity globally. Based in the University of Oxford IT Services, the project makes inspirational content from the University available as Open Educational Resources (OER). OER content is available for reuse and redistribution by third parties globally, provided that it is used in a non-commercial way and is attributed to its creator.

As a part of the OER revolution OpenSpires has now overseen a number of major OER projects to date at the University of Oxford, and is still growing. This map helps explain and celebrate its many aspects.

For more information explore the Mind Map or the OpenSpires homepage.

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