Tackling plagiarism

Lunchtime,  16 Feb, OUCS

JillFresenThis one-hour course for examiners, tutors and supervisors discusses issues surrounding plagiarism. The Turnitin plagiarism detection service identifies pieces of text in students’ work that match with existing electronic texts. It can be used for assessed essays and also for general formative purposes to improve student academic skills. You will have a chance to submit and evaluate a sample document via the WebLearn integration with Turnitin.

“On the subject of plagiarism, I pay tribute to the success of last year’s Proctors in clamping down on plagiarism. A combination of careful examiners and software ranging from Google to Turnitin is proving successful. However, as important as vigilance is our duty as educators to explain why plagiarism is not acceptable and be aware of cultural differences in expectation.” Oration by the demitting Proctors and Assessor, March 2009

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