Using simulations with tactile feedback to develop skills

3473_ph_student8Dr Jonathan P. San Diego (King’s College London)

Tuesday 7th of December, 17:00 – 18:30, OUCS

Dr. Jonathan P. San Diego currently holds the post of Senior Research Officer with the hapTEL project based at King’s College London. His main research interest involves examining how representations influence cognition, reasoning and learning; which means investigating how different teaching and learning technologies affect students’ understanding and knowledge. He is investigating the extent with which multimodal interfaces such as haptics (sense of touch), head-movement tracking, 3D stereovision, eye-tracking, etc. can influence and enhance learning. He is applying innovative methods and approaches from his previous research which examined how interactions with technology-enhanced learning representations can support strategies in teaching, learning and reasoning. This included developing and improving techniques for integrating and analysing observation digital-data (e.g. from software analytics, eye-tracking, digital videos, screen capture, digital sketches, etc.).

sandiegoDr. San Diego’s current work to date has involved designing, developing and evaluating haptic virtual dental systems to fit within the dental undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum. The educational evaluation included comparing both TEL and traditional learning systems. The large scale quantitative study, within his involvement on the current 4-year research work, has augmented his skills in conducting quasi-experimental designs; whilst the small scale qualitative study has sustained his interest in exploring the possibility of modelling strategies that dental students, tutors, and clinicians use in solving a variety of clinical teaching challenges using traditional and TEL systems.

Oxford University Computing Services, Evenlode Seminar Room

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