How education needs to be fixed

Roger Schank
Tuesday, 24th of May at 5:00 pm at OUCS.

 Roger Schank  is one of the world’s leading thinkers on artificial intelligence, learning theory, cognitive science, and the building of virtual learning environments. He is CEO of Socratic Arts, a company whose goal is to design and implement learning-by-doing, story-centered curricula in schools, universities, and corporations.

 In the early 1970’s, at Stanford, Roger achieved worldwide fame when he was the first to get computers to be able to process typewritten everyday English language sentences. He developed a model for representing knowledge and the relationships between concepts that enabled his programs to predict what concepts might be coming next in a sentence. In 2006, Schank called a meeting of people who shared his desire to change the nature of how education is conceived. Together they came up with a game plan for the creation of a Virtual World Academy, an online school offering an alternative to traditional education with international standards.

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