10 lunchtime talks

Engage: Online Presence and Digital Residents Wed 17 Oct ,12:30-13:30 Some people visit the web and some people live there: Using his own research on what motivates individuals to become more ‘Resident’ online David White (Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning) will explore the pros and cons of developing a professional online persona and what it takes to get started. He will also talk about his own experiences of using social media to disseminate research, the challenges of building an academic identity online and what students really think about teaching staff appearing in Twitter and Facebook.http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/ENJL


 Engage: What technologies do our students use? – Findings from the DIGE Project Mon 22 Oct, 12:30-13:30 Earlier this year IT Services completed a piece of research to discover what technologies students and staff at Oxford use. Melissa Highton, Director of Academic IT Services (Learning and Teaching) will present some of the findings from the Digital Experience project. She will give insights into the technologies students consider to be ‘must have’, their perceptions of staff IT skills in relation to their own, and suggest ways in which colleges and departments can improve their students’ digital experience. http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/ENGH


 Security and privacy online: Cloud document securityTue 23 Oct, 12:30-13:45 “The Cloud” has become a catchall phrase to mean anything from “local network storage” through to “The Internet” and “outsourcing”. This course looks at protecting documents for use in online environments and covers ways of sharing documents, password protection and an introduction to encryption.http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TSBA

 Engage: Blogging and Twitter for Academia Wed 24 Oct , 12:30-13:30 Elizabeth Eva Leach, Tutorial Fellow in Music at Oxford, disseminates her research through her blog. She is also uses Twitter to encourage succinct scholarly exchange. In this lunchtime talk Elizabeth brings to light the benefits of Twitter and blogging for academic impact.http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/ENG1


Skype: Safe and legal Thu 25 Oct , 12:30-13:30 This byte-sized course will teach you how to install and configure Skype securely and legally on the University network. We will consider free use of Skype as well as SkypeIn and SkypeOut with normal telephones. We’ll look at video calling in Skype and give some advice about best setup for that.  http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TTEL

Twitter for academia Fri 26 Oct , 12:30-13:30 Can anything of academic value ever be said in just 140 characters? This session explores the relevance of Twitter to university teaching, research and engagement activities. Come along to find out how to get started, grow your following, and hone your tweeting style to maximise your impact. http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TWEI 


Plagiarism: WebLearn and TurnitinMon 29 Oct , 12:30-13:30 This one-hour course discusses issues surrounding plagiarism. The Turnitin plagiarism detection service identifies pieces of text in  work that match with existing electronic texts. It can be used for assessed essays and also for general formative purposes to improve student academic skills. You will have a chance to submit a sample document via the WebLearn integration with Turnitin. http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TTEM

 Security and privacy online: Social media Tue 06 Nov,12:30-13:45 “Social Media” is another broad term and can cover topics such as email, personal websites, blogs and social networking tools/sites. This course is intended to cover some general risks associate with the use of social media before looking at specifically at email, Facebook and Twitter.http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TSBD

Visualising network data Wed 07 Nov, 12:30-13:30 The course will introduce participants to various options to collect and present network data on the relationships between entities (e.g. friendship ties on Twitter, links between webpages). Participants will learn present visualisations on websites as images or interactive diagrams. http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TPAJ

WebLearn Bytes: Surveys Thu 08 Nov, 14:00-15:00 Did you know that the WebLearn Surveys tool is freely available and can be used to create surveys for course or lecturer evaluation, research purposes, or general data gathering? Surveys can be delivered to site participants, ad-hoc groups, or the general public, with or without requiring login, and data can be exported for further analysis. http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TOVO

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