What new staff value

Feedback from our guests at Breakfast at IT Services highlights the importance of face to face events to engage with users.

  • Welcome to IT Breakfast so useful, it is such a brilliant idea and I love the proactive way you advertise what you do to make our life easier so thank you
  • Understanding the range of services and training available and seeing how approachable and friendly everyone was.
  • The opportunity to ask follow-up questions. some of the info I could have found online myself, but asking it is always easier (and in some times quicker).
  • Meeting other people new to the University
  • The engagement with staff while we had breakfast.
  • Chance to talk 1-2-1
  • Post-presentation networking
  • Information about IT learning courses, IT resources and services at Oxford.
  • Overview of backing up and virus protection- I assumed this was already in place but good to be told I had to check it.
  • Talking to the IT staff afterwards. I had a number of questions that covered a range of services and got them all answered in about 10 minutes..
  • Getting to chat to staff over coffee about my specific enquiries.
  • Booklet with courses in, seeing the venue where workshops will be held.
  • A good overall introduction to the IT Services within the University. The future courses to be held in the training rooms would be most useful. Excel Spreadsheets in particular.
  • Visiting the IT department and meeting staff.
  • Useful introductory talk and programme of future courses Thank you
  • The introduction to TSM, and the courses available for booking
  • Meeting members of IT Services
  • Overview of services available and where to go to find information/get help
  • Picking up some flyers at the end about training and social media.
  • Speaking to one of the team in the breakfast room as we had specific questions about setting up some filming and a blog.
  • The discussion with the various members of staff over breakfast
  • Information about what courses are available and how to find the information
  • Very good introduction. Right level of communication
  • The networking afterwards
  • Raised my awareness of all the IT services available to me and how to make the most of them. Also reassuring how engaged and approachable the IT team are.
  • I got a good overview of what was on offer and how it is organised. The backup facility is probably the most useful.
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