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For our projects collecting First World War memorabilia across Europe we combine online crowdsourcing with ‘Roadshow’

events to reach and engage a wide audience. This session will introduce the Oxford Community Collection Model and show

how it has been used for projects such as The Great War Archive and Europeana 1914-1918.


As part of a recent JISC Transformations project, the libraries at Oxford University have been creating an on-line library

induction which can be accessed through smart phones and tablet computers. This induction is designed to answer common questions

posed by undergraduate freshers who often find the Oxford library system confusing and difficult. In this talk we will discuss the

purpose of the induction and how it was designed and developed. This talk may be of interest to anybody wishing to use mobile t

echnology to help teach or assist students.


In this session Simon Clark will  outline his experience of running the Oxford access-oriented YouTube channel ‘SimonOxfPhys’,

which has received over 150,000 views and almost 1,000 subscribers. This experience has suggested a strategy, complementary to

current approaches, that could reveal Oxford to potential students through the use of on-line video blogs (vlogs). This comparatively

nascent format would make Oxford stand apart from other halls of learning for the web 2.0 generation, and continue its history of innovation

and prestige.


We will be discussing our developing project for an open educational resource for the urban design modules at Oxford Brookes University.

We have been working on creating a very collaborative and open environment on the web, highly dynamic and integrated to social networks which

can facilitate learning and teaching at Brookes at an initial stage and then progress to a global audience. The project uses diy webdesign and encourages

students and staff  participation by making academic content public.

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