How to make your language resources discoverable

The Oxford Text Archive will host a one-day workshop on Friday June 24th entitled How to make your language resources discoverable, as part of the JISC-funded Discovering Babel project. The workshop is aimed at researchers who create and use corpora and other digital language resources, and will address the following questions:

How can we help users to find corpora and other digital language resources? Can we hope to have a one-stop shop where we can find them all?

Are there ways to describe the content of language resources in ways that help users to compare them, and find the right ones for their research?

How can I make MY language resources easier to discover and use?

Once we discover what we want, how can we make it easier to use language resources and tools? Can we create virtual research environments for corpus users?

What existing initiatives at the national and international level are addressing these problems, and what are the solutions? What can a grass-roots initiative at the UK level do?

Speakers will introduce Discovering Babel and the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory, including presentation of the work that has been done in the OTA to make it easier for users to find and use the language resources, and how this work might help support other creators and providers of resources and services. A ‘show-and-tell’ session will then allow participants five minutes each to showcase the resources that they wish to share, or would like to have access to. Discussion will then go beyond the discovery of resources to how we can provide the services and tools that we need for online access to a variety of corpora and lexical datasets.

The workshop will also be one of the events which will launch CLARINET, a new network for UK-based researchers with an interest in furthering digital research in the language sciences and related disciplines. CLARINET will be loosely affiliated to the CLARIN European research infrastructure, and other relevant initiatives, but the focus will be on the requirements of researchers in the UK. The workshop will conclude with a round-table discussion on what CLARINET should aim to achieve.

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