Keeping IT Clean

Energy and the networked computing environment

Friday 22nd May 2009 at the Saïd Business School, Oxford University.

In March 2008, the University of Oxford hosted the ‘Towards Low Carbon ICT’ conference to stimulate discussion on the practical measures that can be taken to build ICT services that both reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and mitigate the effects that higher energy prices will have on our institutions.

Much happened over the months that followed: electricity prices sky-rocketed, plans for carbon pricing under the Carbon Reduction Commitment were finalized, and there is now the recession. The incentive to minimize costs has never been greater.

The JISC funded low-carbon ICT project at the University of Oxford has developed tools and techniques to reduce energy consumption and costs in networked desktop computing environments. At the time of last year’s conference, it was policy throughout most of the University departments to leave desktop computers switched on, all day, every day of the year. This need no longer be the case: the tools developed through the project allow desktop computers to be switched off when not in use with, importantly, no inconvenience to the user nor their IT support teams.

You are invited to join us to learn more about our work as well as the work of others in this important field.

The conference is being organised by the Low Carbon ICT project and supported by the JISC institutional exemplars programme.

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