Grand Designs

According to Kevin McCloud on the telly, The Grand Tour served as an education rite of passage. Young men, of privilege would set off on a post-Oxbridge tour of Europe  in search of art, culture and the roots of Western … Continue reading

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infolit: light and dark

Knowing how to search and find cool videos on Youtube can enchant your audience and lead you to be seen as a skilled motivational speaker.

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left to your own devices

A very interesting conference for CILIP yesterday at Aston University. The question posed was:  As library and information professionals, we are continually being asked to support ‘mobile learning’. But what exactly does that mean? Who are these mobile learners? What … Continue reading

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to cycle or not to cycle

It has come to my attention that if you search the Oxford University website for the word ‘cycle’, presumably with a plan to get fit on a bike, my blog comes up as the first return. This’ll be due, not … Continue reading

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Whose poets? Wor poets.

The First World War Poetry Digital Archive had launched the Edmund Blunden Collection, as a result we have had the following press: The Independent (online) The Guardian (online and print) The Telegraph (online) The Oxford Mail (online and print)

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