to cycle or not to cycle

It has come to my attention that if you search the Oxford University website for the word ‘cycle’, presumably with a plan to get fit on a bike, my blog comes up as the first return. This’ll be due, not to my passion for bicycles, but  my frequent use of cycle as a tag.   Sorry.

Anyhow, JISC have published another beautiful set of cycles for us to enjoy. You may decide for yourselves.

Managing Curriculum Change
A new publication, Managing Curriculum Change, introduces two major JISC programmes of research commencing in 2008 that investigate how the use of technology can help make curriculum design processes more agile and responsive and the experience of learning more engaging, inclusive and rewarding. ‘Managing Curriculum Change’ gives an overview of the aims of the Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design and Transforming Curriculum Delivery programmes alongside a vision for the enhancement of the curriculum design and delivery lifecycle through technology. The publication introduces the projects involved in the programmes and illustrates through a combination of text and graphics what might be achieved at different stages in the curriculum lifecycle, with a focus on who needs to be involved to enable institutional aspirations to become a reality.

The JISC Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes are supported by web based resources in the Design Studio . The Design Studio is a dynamic toolkit which draws together a range of resources around technology-enhanced curriculum design and delivery, including those that result from the work of the Curriculum Design and Delivery programmes and resources from previous JISC and Higher Education Academy programmes and other relevant sources.

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