left to your own devices

7245_itu-on-iphoneA very interesting conference for CILIP yesterday at Aston University.

The question posed was:  As library and information professionals, we are continually being asked to support ‘mobile learning’. But what exactly does that mean? Who are these mobile learners? What do they do? What do they need us to do?

There was not much chance to hear from the floor regarding what the attendees thought of this, but each presenter gave an overview of their experience and research in the area. Work being done in schools and museums was highlighted. Several authors and contributors to the book ‘ Mobile learning: A handbook for educators and trainers ‘ were present.

My contribution from Oxford was to explore how, in such a complex institution, we align our use of mobile technolgies to support learners with our core business and our sense of place.

I spoke about Oxford on Itunes U, Erewhon, Steeple and Open Spires.

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