infolit: light and dark

Groupwork, dealing with information overload, effective networking and how decisions made with your information can impact on others. Good information skills are key to success in organisations.

But I wonder whether, if we are thinking about skills for work perhaps there is a continuum of light and dark information literacy skills. That we might want to teach the light end  to our students, but should we also prepare them for management roles by understanding  how those same skills can be used in the boardroom.  

On a light to dark continuum‘ presenting information in useful ways’ can also lead into ‘presenting information to cast yourself in the best light’.

‘Knowing and understanding sources and plagiarism’ can also help you to  ‘appropriate information and  and recast it’ to take your own work forward. 

Knowing how to search and find cool videos on Youtube can enchant your audience and lead you to be seen as a skilled motivational speaker.

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