z3950 I attended a launch at Apple headquarters yesterday. It was the launch of CampusM (TM).  The presentation was very interesting, there was the ever-popular promotion of ItunesU with some mention of Oxford. All good stuff. Chris Sexton from Sheffield University talked about their pilot use of CampusM to  offer their existing services via an app for your smartphone. She discussed why Sheffield had chosen to do this with a commercial partner rather than do it themselves- it was a matter of time and resources which, I think is fair enough and the results looked good.

At Oxford we have been very lucky to get time and resource via our JISC sponsored Erewhon project. We launched the ‘rather impressive and yet seemingly so simple’  http:// m.ox.ac.uk  last week. Universities,  especially those who already have a portal filled with feeds, are welcome to check this out. No need for an app and works on any smartphone.

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