First war, Secondlife

snapshot 1snapshot 2The Oxford Computing Services secondlife island is currently host to an immersive learning environment modeled to simulate areas of the Western Front 1914-18. Into this environment a range of digitised archival materials from the major poets of the First World War (such as poetry manuscripts, letters and diaries), including Wilfred Owen, Isaac Rosenberg and Vera Brittain, along with contextual primary source materials have been imported.  These materials have been supplemented with new interpretative content and a spectrum interactive tools and tutorials, streaming video and audio effects.

Visitors to the model are given a unique immersive experience where they can explore a training camp, dressing station, a trench network and No Man’s Land. The terrain is waterlogged and difficult to navigate, rife with rats and littered with poppies. Moving nearer to the front line the clamor of shell blasts and artillery fire becomes louder and louder. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes.

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