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baghammockAh, the games we play.  For a recent awayday I updated the classic teambuilding  icebreaker people bingo to give it a  technology spin.   Classic people bingo requires participants to stand up, move around, mingle and find people who fit a set of given criteria such as:  ‘travelled by bus to work today’,‘ has school age children’,plays a competitive team sport’ etc, etc. The aim being to match a different person to each item and then call ‘house!’ when you have a complete set. This can be quite fun, particularly if you know the group and you take care with the criteria.

Drawing inspiration from Flickr and mobile learning I adapted this exercise into one which required the group to show each other photos they have with them in their mobile phones, laptops ( or wallets). I asked them to find colleagues who had photos in categories such as:  baby photo, at the beach, home and garden, proud parents, architecture, technology etc.  Given the number of keen photographers and iphone owners in the room , there was no problem finding images for every category, the challenge was to find different people under each category.  Feedback from the group indicates that the icebreaker was a successful way to break the ice and get us started on our day of group work.

If you would like a copy of this icebreaker, let me know.

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  1. Will Reid says:

    Hi Melissa -please forwadr copy of icebreaker! Sounds great