Beyond 2010- Peter McDonald

 PMcDonaldWe are delighted to confirm that Peter McDonald Fellow of St Hugh’s and Tutor in English, Oxford University will speak at the Beyond Borders conference at Oxford on April 20th. 

In the late-19th century Oxford was one of the pioneers of the university extension movement, which enabled audiences around the UK to hear what some of its lecturers had to say on a wide range of topics. The OpenSpires project is the 21st-century equivalent, though, with the benefit of the web, the audiences are now global and we hope even more diverse. It is a pleasure to contribute to this important venture, which is opening up Oxford like never before.”

 Dr McDonald has produced a series of OER podcasts discussing the issues surrounding the state censorship of literature in Apartheid era South Africa. Unique conversations  between Dr McDonald and other professors at the University, looking at the issue of state censorship from legal, political and literary perspectives  is one of the highlights of Oxford OpenSpires .

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