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Thank you to all the delegates and speakers who joined us in Oxford on Tuesday- remotely and physically. As you may know we gather here at Oxford, at about this time each year to explore and debate issues of learning technology and how it shapes learning and teaching practice. 

Last years’s conference was was Beyond Walls, and this year was Beyond Borders.

Purpose of the event was to present and celebrate the work done this year at Oxford as part of our Open Spires project which has involved colleagues from across the collegiate institution and is part of a national programme of projects sponsored by JISC and the HEA.

Our plan for the day, as you can see from the published programme , involved a number of international speakers to set the scene for discussions about how our Openspires work places us on a global stage. 

But once again we have been reminded by volcanoes in Iceland that we are merely residents of the planet and with greater forces at work  sometimes we don’t get to travel quite as much as we would like. 

So, this being a technology conference and a very fine venue we did our best, and three of our speakers were  on video link. – dangerously close to being an appropriate use of technology- and I am immensely grateful to the speakers who have gone the extra mile for us, while not being able to  go any extra miles.

The day seemed to go smoothly and I have had many messages of support.

I was particularly impressed by the professionalism, academic coherence, and superb and appropriate use of technology.  Each year I think this has to be the best so far… ( Director of IT, Oxford University)

For those people unable to be with us, we had live tweeting and live blogging going on. If you would like to join in, the tag for your tweets is #beyond2010. Follow@ ltgoxford. We have gathered the tweets from the day and some particpant blogs below. recordings of key parts of the event will be made available on our website soon.

The tweets from #beyond2010 have been archived at  

Delegate blogs from the day


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