Wolfs’ n LAMS at Oxford

wolfsonThe 2010 European LAMS & Learning Design Conference  will be held at Wolfson College, Oxford on 15th July and will be followed with a Design Bash on 16th July which will be co-hosted and sponsored by JISC and CETIS.

The focus of the 2010 European Conference is “Sharing Great Ideas”. Looking at technologies, applications and approaches that support sharing, collaboration and open access to knowledge and resources. What are the differing implications for individuals and organisations? the conference aims to capture the experience of those who have used LAMS & Learning Design and share some of the lessons learnt about Open Education in higher education, the K-12 sector, vocational and professional education.

Dr Liz Masterman will keynote, I will do the formal welcome from Oxford and Dr Jill Fresen will present about WebLearn. Please join us.

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