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collectiondayYou may be aware of TV programmes such as James May’s Toy Stories and the Antiques Roadshow.  James May mobilizes the public to celebrate Britain’s best loved toys and work together to create new projects on a massive scale.  The Antiques Roadshow invites people to bring their hidden treasures to be identified and valued.  How can these ways of working be utilised in a learning context? 

Through community collection projects the public are engaged directly in the digitization lifecycle by capturing and cataloguing objects they hold or have ready access to, tapping into the concept of mass amateur digitization. The Great War Archive initiative asked the public to contribute items they held originating from the Great War. They could do this in one of two ways: Via a web site powered by the CoCoCo software (open source system developed by the project and now freely available), or through a series of ‘roadshows’ held around the country where people brought their items to the team who digitized them on the spot. The project resulted in c. 6,500 items being collected in the space of 16 weeks at a fraction of the cost of standard digitization processes.

Tomorrow on, Weds 26 May  we are holding a workshop open to anyone from the education/public sector. It is intended for anyone interested in community collections (like The Great War Archive) or working to harness a community to enrich an existing collection with tags or comments (like Galaxy Zoo). The workshop will:

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