A wise man said to me last week: ‘It’s easy to be innovative in e-learning, because most people aren’t going beyond the very obvious’. Sadly, this seems to still be true, there are still very few practitioners actually engaging with learning technology, pushing it to its limits and demanding or developing new functionality.

Tony Lowe’s passion for what he is doing is obvious, to users and to his clients. As a former lecturer in engineering, frustrated by the functionality offered in QMarkPerception and other online testing tools, he set himself the challenge to improve the tools available for drag-and-drop questions.

The result is Dragster, which now has a rich set of tools for feedback and analysis as well as improved accuracy in dragging and dropping, flexible target authoring and wiki functionality.

If you use his tools as a teacher you will know a lot more about how your students learn, and  how you teach. Who could ask for more?

It’s the business.

Webducate. Innovative solutions for e-learning

( The  early Dragster blog/matrix  features in Scott Leslies’ Matrix of Blog Uses in Education Comes Alive Through Open Sharing  from Amazing stories of openness.

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