transparent stars

In his keynote at ICTD2010 Sir Tim Berners-Lee promoted his five star plan for deploying open linked data.  Apparently you can get mugs and badges. I had a very odd conversation about badges for accreditation at the Mozilla Drumbeat Learning Festival last month. I admit I did not understand the point then, but I get it now.

If you do like badges, you can get them to ‘slap on your data set’

Sir Tim  highlighted the increasing importance of openness – open data, open standards, open linking, open educational resources, and open source software (OUCS-led projects have established Oxford as a centre of expertise in all of these areas).

If you like openness, transparency and accountability, in your governance as well as your data, book your place now at Kellogg College ‘s first annual Governance, Transparency and Anti-Corruption Conference Thursday 13 January 2011.

Corruption is a serious crime that undermines social and economic development and weakens the fabric of modern-day society.  Corruption:

  • hinders social and economic development and increases poverty by diverting domestic and foreign investment from where it is most needed;
  • weakens education and health systems, depriving people of the basic building blocks of a decent life;
  • undermines democracy by distorting electoral processes and weakening government institutions, which can lead to political instability;
  • exacerbates inequality and injustice by perverting the rule of law and punishing victims of crime through corrupt rulings.

Open data can help.

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